Kids Safety Switch

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Kids Safety Switch

Be careful mommy and daddy! Don't overlook the safety of socket installation.

Why does socket installation for house with kids are important?

Socket is some standard thing that people always don't care about when they build the house. But we say, it's one of the most important thing to be chosen carefully; especially when you have kids in the house since it's the kids' instinct to learn and be curious about things. They will grab everything they see and may cause a serious harm to them by poking their fingers inside the socket hole.

Today, we share some tricks in choosing the right equipments for new moms and dads.

  1. Choose the socket with safety shutter (safety window) which is the barrier plastic between exterior and the inside copper terminal.
  2. Choose the socket that has on/off switch to control the electricity and turn it off when you don't use it or leave it unplugged.
  3. Electric shock protection cover for kids can also help, but make sure to choose the strong ones and make use of it whenever you unplug things.
  4. Waterproof socket is another choice to be used; not only it protects the area  with water, it can also help prevents kids from electric shock. 



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