Electricity Vocabulary 101

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Electricity Vocabulary 101

Let's talk about basic electricity vocabulary!!

Switch - Something that control electricity, or lighting.

Voltage - A measure of electrical pressure or electrical tension that causes charges to move in a wire or other electrical conductor.

Ampere - A measure of the volume of electrons, often called Amp.

Circuit - The path followed by a flow of electric current.

Open Circuit - A circuit that has gaps; electricity does not flow through.

Closed Circuit - A circuit that has no gaps; electricity flows through.

Blackout - Total loss of electricity power from the power distributor.

High Voltage - How high is high? International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has rated 1,500 Volts for DC (Direct Current) and 1,000 Volts for AC (Altarnating Current) as high voltage. High voltage is classified as having the potential to cause very serius harm or injury to people.





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