Bathroom Switch

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Bathroom Switch

Satefy Bathroom Switch and Socket Installation

Electricity and water always a something to be careful about when they are together. So, let's see how we can carefully install the switch and socket inside the bathroom or toilet.

  1. Use waterproof cover for switch and socket, at least with IP44 specification for the area that could get splashes. But always make sure not to install them in the place where there are 100% water running through.
  2. Install socket at least 30cm. above the sink area.
  3. Try to install the on/off switch in the bathroom entrance area which does not contain sink and shower room if possible.
  4. For socket of automated toilet which it needs to be install behind and below the toilet itself, make sure to use waterproof cover and install at least 30cm. above the floor just in case the toilet area got flooded out of accident.

SAHN also provides waterproof covers for you to choose from.



For more information, please contact below:

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