Save WFH Electricity

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Save WFH Electricity

When we need to work from home, how can we do to control electricity cost?

We believe that everyone of us are looking forward to the day that COVID-19 is over. But sadly, the pandamic stays for longer that we have expected because of the new varient of the Corona virus. As a result, many companies allow their employees to work from home. For some of us, it's more convenient to work from home, but the problem everyone complains is the high electricity bills.

Today we have come up with ways to help you reduce your high electricity bills. Let's see what are they!

  1. After using the electrical appliances, check whether the plug is still plugging in the socket or not. Even though the electrical appliance is power off or got turned off, there are still electricity running through the appliances. Failure to unplug the appliance when not using could cause the electricity bill increases.
  2. Set computer screen to sleep mode whenever you are resting from it. And, don't forget to turn the screen off when not using. Many people just shut down computer and leave the screen running. This does not only increase the electricity cost, but also shorter the screen usage lifetime.
  3. Open the window, breath in fresh air and have the sunlight instead of switching on the light inside the room.
  4. Fan can help! Turn on the fan instead of air conditioner in the not-so-hot day.
  5. Whenever turn on air conditioner, turn the temperature to 26 degree celcius or higher.

Last but not least, take some times off your work and especially the computer screen - stretch and rest your eyes for your good health.



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