Switch Variations

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Switch Variations

What is the difference among 1-Way Switch, 2-Way Switch, 3-Way Switch, and 4-Way Switch? Why do people call it differently?

All of us would have come across many types of how people call switch, and maybe confused on whether which one is right. Even with the same switch, different people might call it differently, the cause of confusion is mainly because of a European (UK) style and an American style (US) standard.

Let's see what is the correct way to call each type of switch!

1-Way Switch (includes 2 terminals). This is the easiest one because everyone calls it the same. This is used for turning on/off only 1 circuit from 1 location.

2-Way Switch or 3-Way Swtich (includes 3 terminals). In the UK Style, people will call it 2-Way switch; while it's called 3-Way Switch in terms of US style. Because majority of switches use in Thailand are US style, Thai electrician therefore mostly calls it a 3-Way Switch. This type of switch is commonly installed for the stair light usage for 2 storeys house, where 2 switches in the different locations can be used to turn on/off the same circuit of light only by connecting them.

3-Way Switch or 4-Way Switch or Intermediate Switch (includes 4-6 terminals). For the UK Style, people will call it 3-Way switch; while it's called 4-Way Switch in terms of US style. This type of switch allows a control of single lighting circuit from more than 2 locations of switches installed by connecting them together.




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