2-way vs. 1-way Switch

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2-way vs. 1-way Switch

What is a 2-way switch?

In a 2-way switch, there are two 1-way switch that combined into one. The advantage of 2-way switch is the ability to control the single circuit from two separated location - 2 switches are needed. While for 1-way switch, you can only control lighting from one spot.

For example, at the stairway, you can have one 2-way switch on the first floor and the other one on the second floor to control the stairway lighting. Also, inside the bedroom, you can have 2 different switches at the bedside and also at the bedroom entrance, just to control the same lighting circuit. By having this, you can save time in having to walk to the switch at the entrance to turn off the light before bed.

Let's see where you can use 2-way switch in your house!

  1. Stairway - one on the lower floor, the other on the upper floor.
  2. Bedroom - one on the bedside, the other at the entrance. This can reduce the cause of accident of having to walk in the dark.
  3. In front of the house - one in front of the house before you come in, the other inside the house where if you don't go outside, you can easily control the lighting in front of the house.




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