Common Socket Heights

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Common Socket Heights

Height of switch and socket installation is something important that people don't care much about.

Some of us might have came across a situation when the height of socket doesn't match the usage, such as the socket locates behind the sofa, and you can't plug in, or the switch is beautifully located just behind the shelf. Most of us never care about the proper height when do installation; but, it's actually something we can easily plan so the installation can both looks beautiful and function properly without having to pay more price in fixing it.


Here comes the common height of switch & socket installation

  • 300 mm from the floor for installation for appliances that you need to plug in from the floor such as fan, air purifier, floor lamp
  • 600-700 mm from the floor for installation at the bedside
  • 900-1000 mm from the floor for installation of kitchen and working room switch & plug located above the counter top (or around 50-100 mm from the counter top)
  • 1200-1300 mm from the floor for installation of switch that you use when standing

However, it doesn't mean that everyone should follow the above height. It also depends on the height of people using it. This is some information for commonly use for Asian people height.




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